Imagine this, you awake and start your day. You shower and get ready for the day, you want to wear something that’s comfortable yet stylish. Something that makes you feel good, something that people will acknowledge and give compliments on. Here at F.S.C.L we take great pride in making you look and feel confident. AS “The Kingpins Of Dopeness” we have a wonderful responsibility to adhere and create some of the dopest yet presentable fashion tops the world has to see to believe.

F.S.C.L began October 27th 2012. It was the birth of a new beginning for the fashion scene. Our custom creations are hand cut & hand sewn with accuracy and precision. Our creations are 1 of 1, meaning you wont see them again once you’ve purchased them.

Trust no imitations, trust the Kings, the Kingpins of Dopeness.